Working As A Freelance Courier In Singapore

With Uber, came about a whole bunch of interest by ‘ex-employees’ in contracting jobs, or part time jobs in particular. Many people love the idea of being a freelancer now. One of the most popular choices of a freelance job in Singapore is actually as a part time courier.

Here are some of the major perks that working as a freelance courier in Singapore can bring you.

First of all, let us first define what a freelance courier is. A freelance courier is a deliveryman, who usually owns his or her own bike or car/van, and gets jobs from certain courier companies like PCA Masters, Regent, Network Courier e.t.c. These companies will get the sales and some of the jobs are distributed out to independent or freelance couriers who work for a small commission.

When you work for the right Singapore courier company, you will be paid a very respectable income, and you would want to work there forever due to the flexibility that the work gives you as well. The best courier companies in Singapore are those which can provide you with sufficient jobs during work days, as well as provide you a decent cut of the revenue. Some companies charge so low and pay so low, you might as well be a cleaner and make more money. Working with the right firm can change your perspective on courier as a career in Singapore if you’ve not already worked with such a company before or are not yet working with such a company yet.

If you hate being cooped inside a cubicle as though you’re in jail, then getting a courier job is a good choice for you. You get to meet all kinds of people throughout the day and travel all around, all the time getting paid to do it. Isn’t that fun?

Having a freelance courier job in Singapore can be one of the most rewarding things you will do in your career. Consider yours today (i.e.!

Logistics Needs In Singapore

Renowned for its status for being a logistics hub in South East Asia, lots of logistics is being carried out in Singapore on a daily, regular basis..

Let us go through the various types of logistics being performed in Singapore.

First of all, it would be shipping. Because of its geographical position as a natural port, Singapore is the natural port of choice by many shipping companies around the world who are delivering items around South East Asia. This is because they can simply unload their items in Singapore and distribute it by vehicles on land to the various final receiving destinations.

Second of all, it would be freight forwarders. These are companies which pick up items / products arriving in Singapore’s port (either the airport or the shipping port). These freight forwarders in Singapore would be picking up the items and then delivering it to the final intended recipient. One such freight forwarder is Navast Singapore.

Third of all, it would be courier services. This is usually carried out by local couriers who pick up and deliver items (both documents as well as parcels) throughout the island in Singapore. These are largely demanded by individuals as well as businesses which require courier of documents and cheques. These are the most common items being couriered town to town.

Next of all, it would be E-commerce distribution. Although most products are not made within Singapore, they’re bought from China, imported into Singapore, received by the Ecommerce businesses by freight forwarders, and then distributed by E-commerce delivery companies, this is one of the most crucial parts of the product selling process for E-commerce company. This is because it is the last mile delivery, and is the point where the customers actually physically interact with your Ecommerce business. They have never met anyone in real life yet, and this is the first time they feel your product in the flesh and interact with somebody they presume is associated with your company. Thus it’s important to not only work with a company with good prices, but value for money and that they are service – oriented.

When should you engage courier delivery services?

Courier delivery services may seem expensive to the average people in the market. Most people in Singapore are contented with the drop and pay system at the SingPost. They do not want to pay a premium for the higher end delivery standards. Despite this, there is still a good market size in Singapore for the courier delivery services. Have you thought about why there are people willing to pay the premium for the courier delivery services and when you should engage the courier delivery services?

Ad Hoc Deliveries
If you require infrequent and random-frequency ad hoc delivery, you should consider engaging courier delivery services in the following circumstances:

1. You require a same day delivery service for your parcel but you cannot fork out time to drop the parcel at the SingPost or to attempt the delivery yourself. All the time you need to engage a courier delivery service is just a few minutes of your time. The delivery can be confirmed in less than 5 minutes to be exact. After the confirmation of the delivery, you do not have to do anything else related to the delivery. The courier will take care of the delivery from then on. After which, you will be notified once the delivery has been confirmed. The premium of the courier delivery services will be worth paying to save you lots of time.

2. You require an urgent delivery service which needs to be completed within 1 to 2 hours. In this scenario, engaging SingPost is out of the question as they will not be able to fulfill the delivery within 2 hours. You will need to decide if you should conduct the delivery yourself or if you should outsource it to a courier delivery company. Calculate the time saved if you outsource the delivery job to a courier and compare it with the costs incurred for the delivery job. The costs incurred should include both the delivery fee and also the opportunity costs of conducting the delivery yourself. You should get a definite answer after the comparison.

Routine Deliveries
1. For routine deliveries, you will most probably be thinking whether to outsource the deliveries or hire deliverymen internally. Read my linked article to figure out the most appropriate choice to take.

What Happens After You Order Courier Services

Do you know what happens after you order courier services from a delivery company in Singapore? Here are the things that you would experience as well as what happens behind the scenes from the courier’s point of view.

Let’s say you order courier services from a Singapore local courier company like The following happens:

  1. You would either be emailing or calling them to provide your details of delivery, and then getting a quotation from the courier company. Usually the administrative assistant or salesperson would be the one dealing with your enquiries.
  2. You would then need to either accept or reject the quotation. Assuming you accept the quotation provided by PCA Masters for this example, you would then usually need to bank transfer or pay them upfront for the delivery.
  3. After the receipt of your bank transfer, the courier company would then dispatch a rider or driver to your pick up location at the specified time (if any).
  4. During this period, there is nothing you need to do other than making sure the sender is at the specified place and time (if any) and wait for the courier to arrive. Usually, the couriers from PCA Masters Pte Ltd are punctual and you won’t have to wait.
  5. At this point in time, you must have made sure to notify the recipient that a courier would be arriving at a specified time (if any) at his or her location. This is to ensure that there is somebody to receive the package, as most courier companies in Singapore charge fees if they have to wait too long at either the sender or recipient location. Also, you might need to get the item returned to you or re-delivered, and all of these usually cost money!
  6. Alright, your item should have been delivered promptly and soundly into your recipient’s arms. There is nothing more you need to do and the delivery is completed.

Although the above is how courier services for PCA Masters operate, many local courier companies operate via a highly similar style. Therefore, you would do well by knowing the above if you need to or will order courier services on a frequent basis.

Types Of Courier Services In Singapore

There are various types of courier services in Singapore, and if you have not used them before, you will be surprised there are actually quite many different types of courier services.

  1. Same Day Delivery Services
    There is the famous one day delivery service in Singapore. Many courier companies offer this, and it is perhaps one of the more popular courier services in Singapore. Many companies and people need to get their item(s) delivered or collected urgently in the same day, and this same day courier service is targeted at these customers. Most people who use this same day delivery courier service in Singapore are actually businesses which need to deliver an important document as soon as possible.
  2. Urgent Delivery Services
    There is a more extreme version of same day delivery, and that is known as the urgent delivery. This is a premium delivery service where the courier company would dispatch its rider or driver to wherever the pick up point is situated to pick up the item (s) and have it delivered within the shortest time span possible in Singapore (within 1 to 2 hours). This is the highest tier of courier service in Singapore, and usually, only people who need an absolutely important document or product to be delivered will utilize this service.
  3. Next Day Delivery
    Next, there is the cheaper next day delivery. This is commonly used by consumer customers who are not in a rush to get their items delivered, but cannot be bothered about dealing with the hassle of needing to travel to collect or deliver items.
  4. E-commerce Delivery
    There are also many E-commerce companies which require constant deliveries and hence there are also E-commerce delivery services in Singapore. These are usually the lowest priced per delivery, but they require constant and high volume of deliveries from these E-commerce companies.

The above are the 4 most common types of delivery services you can find in Singapore.

external Singapore courier services vs in house delivery

Singapore courier services versus hiring deliveryman

An age old debate among entrepreneurs and managers is whether they should engage external courier providers or hire them in house.

From my experience, it is better to engage courier service Singapore. Here’s the list of reasons why.

  • Right from the outset, you would not need to go through the HR trouble of posting a job ad, profiling the courier and then hiring him or her. You simply outsource all these troubles to a reliable and trusted courier company in Singapore for your convenience. Additionally, with external courier services in Singapore, you won’t have to deal with any unexpected absences or medical leaves and any of these usual employee related issues and hassles. You get pure convenience while still getting the deliveries done.
  • Additionally, there is no need to lease or buy a vehicle in Singapore. Motor vehicles in Singapore can be very expensive, including leasing. Therefore, by hiring an external courier company instead, there won’t be any need to lease an expensive vehicle. Thankfully for the courier companies, as any good delivery company would have, these courier logistics companies in Singapore would also have vast economies of scale, and as such, you would be able to enjoy their cheap and low courier rates as well. Most deliveries in Singapore start only from $5 to $8 island wide, and that is ridiculously affordable.
  • You can increase or decrease the volume of deliveries without making a loss or paying unnecessary money. When it comes to an in house deliveryman, you need to pay his or her CPF and salary every month regardless of how many deliveries he or she may be needed to perform. If the volume is too low, you lose money as a result of hiring the deliveryman, and if the volume is too high, you risk overworking and end up having a disgruntled deliveryman who may take to social media or forums in Singapore and complain about you abusing your power as an employer. However, when it comes to courier companies, if the volume of deliveries is low, you will pay less. If your volume of deliveries increase substantially for months, you would be getting lots of discounts per delivery because of your increased volume. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds with courier companies in Singapore.

Working At A Singapore Logistics Company

If you have considered working at a logistics company in Singapore before, then you need to read this post. Let us assume that you’re a low to middle level executive, who probably has graduated for a few years and have worked for 1 or 2 corporations.

  1. First of all, I highly recommend that you work for a Singapore local logistics company like PCA Masters Pte. Ltd. if you want your career prospects to be bright. Companies like PCA Masters Pte. Ltd. offers a good variety of jobs within the company, ranging from bike couriers, to van deliverymen to management roles as well. If you want to get a very fulfilling career working in the local Singapore logistics industry, then a job at PCA Masters will get you very far. Earning from $2,000 to $7,000 with PCA Masters is likely if you’re willing to put in the hard work.
  2. For the people who are obsessed with working for multinational corporations, look at Fedex. Fedex is an international freight company and has offices in Singapore too. Out of all the international companies, I have found Fedex to be the most punctual one of all in terms of its deliveries. As such, you can expect the entire culture within Fedex to be very efficient and cutthroat. If you want your career advancement to go far with an international freight company, then Fedex would be your choice over others like UPS or DHL.
  3. Last but not least, if you love state owned companies, then SingPost is definitely your career choice. There are lots of SingPost branches across Singapore, and you would be handling many things, ranging from courier services, over the counter service as well as postal services in Singapore.

The above are all good companies and you would definitely do very well for your logistics career in any of these companies.

E-commerce goods distribution services in Singapore

Building an E-commerce website and getting business and sales traction for it is hard enough. However, for the first time E-commerce business owners, finding a good E-commerce delivery Singapore company to outsource your deliveries to may feel even harder.

Here are some business tips for the Singapore E-commerce business owners, or at least for business owners who wish to sell and deliver goods to customers situated in Singapore.

  1. Most E-commerce delivery companies offer two different tiers of courier services in Singapore. The first of which would be a cheaper courier service standard where the company would deliver to your customers anytime within a span of usually 1 to 5 days. The higher tier courier service which companies like PCA Masters or DHL specialize in is time slot deliveries, in which they cater to customers’ requests for particular timeslots.
  2. You need to figure out which of the above tier of courier services you require for your E-commerce company. This shouldn’t be only about what your costs are or what you want, but about what appeals most to your customers. If you’re sending regular cheap goods to customers who are not fussy, then it doesn’t matter, and you should get the more economically friendly option (most companies like PCA Masters or DHL or Ninja Van also offers such a service). Whereas, if your customers belong to the higher end market, then it is more important for you to offer such a concierge level service, and provide timeslot specific deliveries to them.
  3. Most companies offer discounts if you have high volume of deliveries required per month. Just take note that some companies put these discounts into their rate sheets already, while others do not. Some companies may simply state that they give a certain discount if you hit a certain volume level, and you need to calculate that out first before making your final decision.

The above tips should be more than enough in helping you find a suitable delivery company for your E-commerce goods distribution in Singapore.